Micah Murphy

Spotlight on Disruptive Thinker MICAH MURPHY

Title: Commanding Officer of MCM Crew EXULTANT and USS DEXTROUS (MCM 13) stationed in Manama, Bahrain.

Hometown: Wheaton, IL

About Micah:

My name is Micah Murphy and I’m a ship driver by trade, but my passion is identifying and linking people and organizations together to address expressed or perceived needs—personally or professionally. At a micro level, I’m very interested in developing and experimenting with team and project management methods. Attempting to update and execute cultural change in an established, historically successful organization has been one of my greatest challenges…one that I struggle with every day. Disruptive Thinkers is one arena that has helped me in this journey.

Disruptive Thinking in Action:

I have been experimenting with a new, round-the-clock solution to maintaining the ship’s operability and physical security requirements while maximizing the crew’s effectiveness by ensuring 95% of them will have the opportunity for 8+ hours of sleep every night. It’s still early, but I have seen it translate to a more energetic and productive group of guys who are also now looking to find new, better ways of doing other things on the ship (sometimes to the chagrin of their supervisors).

Defining Disruptive Thinking:  

Disruptive Thinking is an intentional, deliberate approach to life and decision-making that involves asking both “why?” and “why not?” to challenge established norms, processes and procedures with the aim of reaffirming or improving them.

If money was no obstacle WORLD CHANGE should begin with…

Aside from signing enough talent to buy the Chicago Cubs their elusive World Series title, I would wave my magic wand to change people’s attitudes. Having a positive attitude is a force multiplier; it can yield increased cohesiveness, awareness, commitment and overall effectiveness. It’s easy to sit back, complain and point out flaws…it’s a whole lot harder to take pride, ownership and joy in whatever it is that you do. The last line of my Command Philosophy (which I took from my predecessor, Ted Pledger) is “a team with a positive attitude is a winner.” Attitude may not be everything…but it can certainly help make up for other deficiencies and foster a cooperative, team-driven success model.

The APPEAL of Disruptive Thinkers:  

It’s a great cross-section of people with inspirational stories and positive energy that are all cooperatively trying to remedy common challenges with innovative solutions, testing them, and then taking action. It’s not your average think tank. As a Surface Warfare Officer, it’s also a great opportunity to interact with both civilian professionals and members from other military communities to blend our best practices and work on creating solutions to issues that concern me as an individual, tax payer and military leader. The forums and blog posts are timely, relevant and they scratch my intellectual stimulation itch. While I’m deployed it has been one of the things I miss most and look forward to reconnecting in person when I get back.

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