Shabnam Karimi

Spotlight on Disruptive Thinker SHABNAM KARIMI

Title: Social Entrepreneur, Project Manager

Hometown: San Diego, CA

ABOUT Shabnam (“Shane”): I have a background in NGO & non-profit work. I served as a Public Affairs Officer for the UN, and a Disaster Relief Coordinator and Project Manager for American Red Cross. I have a passion for finding sustainable solutions to social issues utilizing business principles. I recently completed my Masters in Science in Global Leadership, in the School of Business at USD, to fine tune my business skills. In my spare time I dance Brazilian samba, run marathons, hike, rock climb and work on my photography skills. Three things I couldn’t possibly live without are my family, chocolate and the outdoors.

Disruptive Thinking in ACTION: I am currently working on my own social venture/start-up business called Projectdoable! Our Vision: To serve as a web-based portal connecting social entrepreneurs to global needs.

DEFINING Disruptive Thinking: An innovative process where passionate, dynamic professional people come together to support each other’s ventures while collaborating on proactive ‘distruptive’ initiatives.

If money was no obstacle WORLD CHANGE should begin with… Mandatory education abroad for all students in the world by age of 18 and compulsory education through high school free of charge to all families. Education is key to cultural change, a better quality of life and individual empowerment. Education is the only real tool in breaking the cycle of poverty.

The APPEAL of Disruptive Thinkers: How everyone is so open and willing to discuss topics that are so different from their own expertise. This is a very unique attribute of DT and makes for very engaging conversations amongst diverse and passionate people.   Its also a place to find like-minded, wonderful people to learn with and grow personally & professionally.

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